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                      AYUMI provides ABA service to families with children who have developmental delays and disabilities.    
                      Services Provided                                  
                      * Teaching various skills to children                          
                        Daily living skills                                  
                          toilet training, changing cloths, using eating utensils, etc.                  
                        Leisuer skills                                    
                          playing games, taking turns, etc.                          
                        Academic skills                                    
                          writing and reading letters, counting, calculating, etc.                  
                        Communication skills                                
                          speaking, greeting, etc.                              
                      * Consulting families for addressing behavioral issues and teaching skills          
                          tantrum, self-injurous behaviors, etc.                        
                      * Study sessions/ lectures in related areas                        
                      * Service charge                                    
                        4,320 Japanese Yen per hour for English speeking familis                    
                          * 1,000 Yen per hour for the first session                      
                          * Add 20% for special circumstances                          
                      * Transportation                                    
                        Actual cost for a round trip to your residence by public transportaton              
                          from my location (Keihan Railway, Kouzu Station, Osaka, Japan)                
                      * Travel charge                                    
                        500 Japanese Yen for every 30 minutes (when a round trip takes more than 90 minutes)        
                      Service Hours                                    
                        Between 09:00 and 18:00 excluding Sundays                        
                        One session 60 minutes or longer                            
                      Contact Information                                  
                        Kazunari Hashimoto, M.A., BCBA                            
                      Other information                                  
                        Therapist's profile                                  
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